New Song Radio

with Floyd Cray


New Song Radio

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00PM to 1:00AM Eastern Time

Floyd Cray is the host of New Song Radio, with music that is beautifully composed melodies that touch the spirit of people across the world.   

New Songs are written and composed by singers & songwriters with a unified theme that transcends cultural and geographic lines. New Song Hymns are uplifting and inspirational.

Psalms 96:1 “Sing to the Lord a New Song; sing to the Lord all the earth.

NEW SONG RADIO 1st  EDITION: Heard Sunday Night at 10:00pm (Eastern Time), offers the listeners a mixture of music and segments that bring joy and a better understanding of Father’s and Mother’s Music. The segment Inside New Song Music is a weekly feature that takes a particular News Song and explains the entire song line by line to the listeners. The other segment called Fragrance of Heaven is a collection of listeners comments & fragrances about The New Song music.

NEW SONG RADIO (TRL) TOTAL REQUEST LIVE: Heard Saturday Night at 10:00pm (Eastern Time) is our newest program. Thus far this will be a mostly all request show where the listeners can call in LIVE and request any New Song Music that would like to hear. At 11:00pm (est) we will have a TOP ELEVEN at ELEVEN COUNT UP PROGRAM where listen can e-mail us during the week their favorite New Song and play them in order of popularity on Saturday Night.  Do to the high volume of request on the Sunday show where we some times run out of time to play all of the New Song request from listeners from around the world. This is why the Saturday broadcast allows more listeners to call in and have their requests played.

NEW SONG RADIO INTERNATIONAL:Hosted by Wilmer Papozo & heard Wednesday nights at 10:00pm (Eastern Time). This broadcast is geared more for the international listeners. We start off with 1 hour and a half of all Spanish News Songs with Spanish Hosts. The second hour and a half we play some english New Songs with a feature of one of many New Songs in other languages. Some of the New Song music we have featured in other languages are FRENCH,GERMAN,RUSSIAN,TAGALOG,HINDI,PORTUGUESE,KOREAN,
VIETNAMESE, & NEPALI  to name a few.

New Song Radio Staff:
Jessenia Rivera

Jessenia Rivera is the co-host of New Song Radio 1st edition.

Yasminda Dunson

Yasminda Dunson is the Co-Host of New Song Radio 1st Edition. She has been on the staff for years and started out as New Song Radio 1st producer. She has a real love for the New Song Music and has performed many concerts as singer of New Songs. Her segment on New Song 1st Edition called Inside New Song Music takes the listeners inside of the New Song Music by explaining a particular New Song and what the writer of the New Song is saying line by line so the listeners can totally understand  the lyrics and the music of that New Song.             

Jessica Paloma LoGreco

Behind the scenes you may find Jessica Paloma LoGreco answering the listeners’ phone calls and processing their New Song requests to our host and co-host with their name, location and New Song. She also updates the websites, "You are listening to right now" box by entering each and every song that is played so our listeners may know what they are listening to.

Najee Nasser

Najee Nasser logs all songs played on the air, answering the request via telphone calls and email.

Justin Brown

Justin Brown is ecstatic about being a part of the New Song Radio Team. He has been a big fan of NSR and new songs for years and he really appreciates the opportunity to be able to deliver the same experience to other listeners that he has come to enjoy. Everyone at the studio makes it a really fun to work and he thanks God for making him a part of something so awesome!



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