Group Harmony Alley

Sundays 7:00PM to 10:00PM Eastern Time

Christine has been with WFDU since 1996, first as a newscaster and then in 2003 hosting The Group Harmony Alley, which features vocal group music and doo-wop.

Christine developed her interest in 1950s vocal groups through the United In Group Harmony Association (UGHA), a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 by its President, Ronnie Italiano (Ronnie I.), dedicated to the preservation, exposure and education of rhythm & blues vocal group roots music from the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s. In discussing her in-depth knowledge about the music, Christine proudly quips, “I graduated from the University of Ronnie I.” Working for Ronnie I. with UGHA, and his businesses of Clifton Music, Clifton Records, and Ronnie I. Productions, and assisting in running all facets of these businesses, Christine learned the vast history of this largely-urban musical subculture, its diverse styles in harmony and overall sound, how the music fit into society of the time, and its tremendous influence on musical styles that followed.
Christine has taught seminars to diverse audiences on r&b/doo-wop history, and on the business aspects of working in the field. Christine got her start in radio as co-host with Ronnie I. for a combined five years (1989-1994) on UGHA’s educational program, “Ronnie I’s R&B Party” on WNYE/91.5-FM public radio, and on WNWK/105.9-FM commercial radio, with the “Ronnie I Just For U” program.
Tune in every Sunday to The Group Harmony Alley with “your girl, Christine Vitale.”

*Artwork by GHA listener and supporter, David Stockhoff, Louisville, KY