Poet's Corner

Quarterly 4th Sunday 7:00AM to 7:30AM Eastern Time
Okey Chenoweth began at WFDU as a guest of Moira Bailis and Dr. Leo Thorne on Poet’s Corner more than ten years ago.  When Dr. Thorne left, Moira invited Okey to become a co-host of the show, working together for about six years. Presently, Okey co-hosts with Jane Chenoweth.
Poet’s Corner features poetry readings and analyses, and conversations with contemporary poets. Okey has had an interest in the written word for a long time, majoring in English and Drama at West Virginia University and studying with great writers such as Wright Morris, Selden Rodman, John Ciardi, and Edward Albee. On the show, Okey has interviewed some wonderful poets, including Maria Gillan, James O’Rourke, Laura Boss, Joe Weil, Rene Ashley, Ben Pearlman, and many others.
Okey has written for anthologies such as A Passion for Teaching and Legacy of Whitman Williams and Ginsberg: The American Voice in Poetry.