The Metro Beat

Quarterly on the 5th Sunday 7:30am to 8:00am Eastern Time
Susan Teltser-Schwarz has worked at the station for more than a dozen years, hosting her show The Metro Beat, which gives listeners a grab bag of things to see and do in the Big Apple. The format includes interviews with NYC curators, performers, authors, docents and such.
Susan is a cool granny, who’s been promoting New York City since she was raised on the city’s upper Westside. Still very much involved with the city, Susan teaches, lectures, writes, plays tennis, bikes, does yoga, and of course, broadcasts on the radio.
Susan’s musical interests range from opera and classical to show tunes. Specifically, she enjoys country music, Oldies, worthwhile chat shows. Outside of the station, Susan’s hobbies include crossword puzzles, contests, garage sales and slot machines.