Gospel Grooves

Tuesdays 1:15AM to 6:00AM Eastern Time

Linda Bethea has been a part of WFDU for 7 years, hosting Gospel Grooves, one of the most unique radio sounds that impacts people at 1:15 in the morning. Gospel, meaning good news, and Grooves, which has many channels of getting your groove on with gospel music, is what makes up Linda’s show. It’s a wide variety of music for every age.

Linda started co-hosting the show with Liz Black, a former member of WFDU. Learning the ropes wasn’t easy, but by maintaining a positive and uplifting attitude, Linda made it as a host. Selecting music for her listeners is one thing that she looks forward to doing every week.
Whether it’s gospel or R&B, Linda has always had in interest in music. She has learned that music can play a great part of reaching out to people. Her favorite artist is Take 6 and her favorite song is “The Biggest Part Of Me”.
To all of her listeners, “You are the biggest part of me. Love you with the love of the Lord.”

Email: eloise9554@yahoo.com