WFDU(FM) began broadcasting to the New York Metropolitan area in August of 1971 as a result of a concerted effort for its establishment by the administration of Fairleigh Dickinson University and enthusiastic FDU students. Following negotiations with New York University and the Federal Communications Commission, an agreement was reached for the two Universities to share the 89.1 dial position on the FM band.

The station’s broadcast signal has a 50 mile radius of its transmitter which is located within the historic Armstrong Field Lab in Alpine, New Jersey. The AFL is the site of the world’s first FM station, W2XMN, built by the creator of FM technology, Major Edwin Howard Armstrong.

While WFDU(FM) and WNYU share the 89.1 location on the dial, each station maintains separate transmitter and studio facilities as well as discrete programming and personnel. There is no relationship between the stations other than a common dial position.

WFDU(FM) is on the air from 1:15AM to 3:45PM Tuesday through Friday. WFDU(FM) broadcasts continuously from 1:15AM Saturday to 3:45PM Monday. WFDU(FM) streams audio over the internet during regular broadcast hours. When the station is not transmitting the FM signal, a replay of the broadcast day audio beginning with the 6:00AM program is streamed. The audio is available on all regular computers with streaming capabilities as well as all mobile devices posted on the station website.

The mission of WFDU(FM) is to serve the public interest, promote good will for Fairleigh Dickinson University and provide a laboratory setting for University students to learn the art and craft of broadcasting. These objectives are met through thoughtful entertainment programming which features traditional American music, weekly programming of timely news and public affairs broadcasts which examine important contemporary social and political issues and by instruction in current broadcast technique by skilled professional broadcasters.

The station’s work in the public service arena has been recognized by the New Jersey State Legislature, The New Jersey Office of the Governor as well as The Associated Press, The Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

WFDU(FM)’s preservation and promulgation of traditional music forms has been lauded by The Blues Foundation with their Keeping The Blues Alive award. The station has encouraged and supported live performance of traditional music through its sponsorship of concerts in large venues as well as intimate broadcast environments such as the station’s Studio C.

The University and station take pardonable pride in alumni who have trained at the Teaneck studios and have gone on to significant careers in broadcast engineering, management, and on-air performance.



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