General Manager - Kenny O'Boyle



General Manager/Program Director - Kenny O'Boyle  

Kenny O'Boyle is a product of the Fairleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan Campus. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 2010 and with a Master of Arts in Professional Communications and Media Studies in 2011. When he first arrived on campus as a student, he found his second home in WFDU. His mentor, Duff Sheffield offered Kenny a part time position as a student. Since then, Kenny has racked up over a decade of expericen in both commercial and public radio.
Currently, Kenny is working full time as the WFDU Broadcast Media General Manager and Program Director. In that position, he is responsible for all aspects of admisistration of the radio station on a daily basis. He is currently WFDU's RetroRadio host of the Tuesday & Thursday 9am-1pm & Friday 1pm-4pm slots. 
Assistant Director (WFDU Broadcast Media) - Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips has decades of New York Radio experience including: WABC/WPLJ, WOR, RKO Radio Networks, United Stations, Radio Today Entertainment, ABC Radio Network, Cumulus Media and CBS Radio New York.
At WFDU he serves as Cheif Engineer and is responsible for all technical aspects of our broadcasting ability.