Kudos From Listeners!


"WFDU is the best radio station around. WFDU is radio the way it USED to be, a station that plays ACTUAL music!'

Vic - NYC

"Word of mouth will improve popularity because, for decades many have been missing this balanced RetroRadio format. Congrats to all involved."

David - Staten Island, NY

Hey Brian. It may be the middle of the night for you, but it's mid-afternoon for me. Totally cool that you are playing classic RetroRadio pop oldies. Love that music!"

Holly - Jakarta, Indonesia

"Thank you so much for the tickets to The Lovin' Spoonful & Johnny Rivers! I am so happy that I found your station. Thanks for the joy you bring us all. I am proud to be a member of the WFDU family." 

Elizabeth - Queens, NY

I just want you to know how much my wife Diane and I appreciate your fantastic radio station. We're loving the great "minor" hits of the 50s, 60s, & 70s in addition to the usual classics thrown in too. All I can say is: The Archies to Led Zeppelin? WOW amazing!

Dan - Pontiac, MI

"Let There Be Country with Willie is the best! I love it."

David - Bronx, NY

Duff plays my all-time favorite songs! What a wild and crazy guy! All the RetroRadio DJs are fantastic.

Lindee - Springfield, OR 

I just finished listening to tonight's Signal-To-Noise show. Totally awesome! I am a diehard fan of WFDU especially Big Al and now your show.

Joel - Park Ridge, NJ

Love the Retro music and the whole station!

Jody - Nyack, NY

Thank you Lynn Crystal for your wonderful voice and beautiful music on Crash On the Levee. It fills my Saturday mornings.

Amechi - Carrollton, TX

Love all the shows, easpecially Tony Smith's RETRORADIO / POP-LOCK-IT, SOUL-SOCK-IT, RETRO-ROCK-IT! 

Bernadette - Glen Cove, NY

Uncle Floyd, the best Sunday morning on radio!

Kevin - Bloomfield, NJ

Found your station on the way to my dentist's office in Brooklyn. I was just scanning FM stations.Heard your 1pm RetroRadio. Been hooked since! Love all the shows. Just wish your Retro format was 24/7. Keep up the great work!

Patricia - Northport, NY

Thank you Vicki Sola!!!

Frank - Haskell, NJ

Thank you for being the most amazing radio station!

Susan - Bogota, NJ

I ALWAYS support your station!

Antonio - Staten Island, NY

Duff plays my ALL-TIME favorite songs!

Elizabeth - Brooklyn, NY

My brother Joe turned me on to RetroRadio. Listening on the Smartphone app!

Richard - London, England

I found the link to the WFDU HD2 stream. I didn't think my modest TV room stereo system was capable of sounding so good using a laptop as a stream source. Great fun!

Bobby - Bangor, Maine

Hi Tony Smith. It's been a dark November. One of your selections today really resonated: "I put my faith in the people, but the people let me down. So, I turn the other way and carry on anyhow" Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate. Thank you for helping lift the clouds.

Clint - Cresskill, NJ 

Hey Evan! I felt compelled to tell you that I look forward to your Sunday show every week. I listen to WFDU every morning on my way to work. Your energy is intoxicating.

Taby - Mahwah, NJ

Ghosty, I'm listening to you at 11am, driving out Route 80 west from Nutley to Flanders. Don't feel so lonely....I'm out there!

Grant - Nutley, NJ

Just donated online - my 2nd membership this year. My message is for my fellow baby boomers to get themselves in gear & donate. Other radio stations, i.e. WCBS-FM and Q104.3 are not playing our music. WCBS has lost its mind playing the worst of the 80's and 90's music and Q104.3 hasn't changed their playlist for years - same old junk. Having WFDU for my morning commute has made it much less painful. Thanks for playing all this great music.

Susan - Brooklyn

I just discovered the station about a month ago and LOVE what you guys are doing! I'm especially fond of your programs - Judy & Duff. I live in central Suffolk County on Long Island. You guys are having so much fun and just about every song you play brings a smile to my face. I like that you actually play requests which add different influences to the mix. i also let my daughter listen to the archive shows. Keep up the good work!

Manny - Selden, NY

Every program I've heard I like! I'm pleased I found you.

Joe - Valley Stream, NY

RETRORADIO!!! I just found you! Best station!

 Rifka - Teaneck, NJ